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5 дн. назад

Ссылка на гренни из прошлого видео https://android-1.com/4713-granny-mod.html.

Wheat Beer | How to Brew Everything

2 г. назад

In this first episode of How to Brew Everything, and Andy sets out to attempt to make a 100% wheat beer, using the leftover grain he grew previously for his ...

Купить толстовку с надписью Водка пиво разливное - заказать толстовку

6 г. назад

http://damayka.ru/product/tolstovka-vodka-pivo-razlivnoe-1719.html?color=1 - Купить толстовку с надписью Водка пиво разливное - заказать толст...

Korpiklaani - Beer, Beer

12 г. назад

http://shop.napalmrecords.com/voice-of-wilderness.html Korpiklaani are Finland's rowdiest Humppa-Metal band and "Beer, Beer" is their personal ode to their ...

Does Booze Really Catch Fire? (Answer: It Depends.)

2 г. назад

Brian and Jason, admirers of alcohol, wonder why it never catches on fire when they want it to despite it burning uncontrollably in films. Music used in this ...

Vaping Alcohol

2 г. назад

We're serious, this is dangerous stuff -- don't try this! Get *early* access to episodes like this one and extended outtakes by subscribing to our second channel at ...

В Екатеринбурге нелепый грабитель потребовал от продавщицы пиво и 100 рублей

4 г. назад

http://www.e1.ru/news/spool/news_id-410637.html Перед операцией он выпил водки для храбрости, взял кухонный нож, а на голову вмест...

Drawing timelapse: a bottle of Oddka - hyperrealistic art

4 г. назад

Become a Patron and get my drawing lessons: https://www.patreon.com/marcellobarenghi "This beautiful timelapse is so photorealistic, we forgot it was a ...

ALESTORM - Keelhauled (Official)

9 г. назад

The Scottish buccaneers stand ready to capture the wealth of the Seven Seas. "Black Sails at Midnight" offers a treasure chest of sweeping Scottish Pirate Metal ...

Four Beer Hacks

10 мес. назад

Here are the recipes: 4 BEER HACKS RED CORONA 1 Bottle Corona 1 oz. (30ml) Vodka 1/2 oz. (15ml) Grenadine Lime Wedge PREPARATION 1. Drink corona ...

Vodka Infusion Project - Bubble Gum Infused Vodka

5 г. назад

Bubble Gum Infused Vodka ------------------------------------------------------- #beer #AllForTaste #shot #shots #cocktails #drink #drinks #Brew #BrewNews #news ...

Димитровчанка упала с 3-го этажа... с бутылкой пива и бутылкой водки

5 г. назад

Семейно-бытовые конфликты, да еще на почве злоупотребления алкоголем, обычно без прецедентов не обходятся....

How To Drink & NOT Get Drunk | Brit Lab

2 г. назад

Chris Van Tulleken takes us through some tips for staying sober(ish) next time you're out drinking. What are some of your tips? Let us know in the comments ...

How to Make Infused Vodka

5 г. назад

http://christopheredwinjohnson.blogspot.com/ A step by step video for cheap and easy do-it-yourself gift idea. 9:33 Bacon Fat Cocktail ("The Smokey Joe") ...

Americans Try Russian Drinks

10 мес. назад

"It's just horse milk!!!" Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 ...

All-Grain Beer Brewing - Overview

7 г. назад

BBA T-SHIRTS ARE FOR SALE: http://www.betterbeerauthority.com/p/better-beer-authority-t-shirts_11.html CORRECTION: I mispronounced "wort". It rhymes ...

Даг-Нахаш (Рыба-Змея) на фестивале Пива в Хайфе

6 г. назад

Подробнее о фестивале: http://dandrey-ru.blogspot.com/2012/08/all-you-need-is-beer.html.

You Can Do Better - How To Order Drinks Like a Pro

2 г. назад

Gin martini up with a twist anyone? Get the lowdown on all things bar etiquette. Subscribe to truTV on YouTube: http://full.sc/1s9KQGe Watch Full Episodes for ...

DIY Beer Bottle Cutting & Candles

2 г. назад

Curious how you can cut glass at home? Need to find a use for your old beer bottles? Or ever get inspired to want to decorate with some? Well now you can!